Loincloths for the Ladies, Cloris in Lettuce, and Second-Hand Grills

numero-jamie-bouchert-linksSpeaking of Jamie Bochert's comeback... ( >Women Blog)
Mini-dresses too confining for you? Try a loincloth. Do call us soon after. (The Frisky)
Cloris Leachman of Dancing With the Stars and Young Frankenstein eschews the normal nudity of a PETA ad and goes for a lettuce gown. She da best. (Socialite Life)
Our favorite fashion twins (and that includes the Olsens) the jewelry-making sisters Fortunato open up about their favorite designers and possible psychic powers. (The Cut)
Let's all make a promise to stop covering Michelle Obama as much, ok? She needs a little breathing room. (HuffPo)
Crap, that didn't last long. (Elle)
We've oft wondered, when our minds drift, what Aggy rocks in her iPod. All things considered, she's got good, if not quite groundbreaking, taste. (Fashion Tribes)
We were talking about grills earlier. Well, if you need to keep youself stocked with Cristal and honnies, perhaps you should sell yours through this helpful website. We're keeping ours because, dear friends, that is how we roll. (Luxist)

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