29 Signs It’s Summer In S.F.

Whether or not you agree with the age-old saying that the coldest winter ever is a summer in S.F.—you are probably acutely aware of the fact that once Memorial Day hits, it’s pretty much bubble coats and tights galore, with a few rays peppered in for good measure. Mother Nature has a funny way of showing her love for us out here, and the brisk BBQs, Fogust overhaul, and the insane jealousy that ignites from tales of friends’ sun-soaked jaunts are abundant.
But hey, we’ll take it — it’s one of the unique qualities that makes our standout city so intriguing. And sure, while we aren’t basking beachside with the rest of the U.S.A., we have our own S.F. summer-centric activities to keep us stable in the midst of these months. From poking fun at tourists sporting tanks and tees, mid-July, to indulging in comfort food all year ‘round, here are 29 bona fide signs it’s summer in San Francisco. Click through to see our indicators, and here’s to hoping September gets here soon (you know, when it actually is warm-weather season around here).

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