1 Room, 2 Ways: Style The Trickiest Room In Your House!

We consider ourselves pretty space-savvy, and we're proud of our home-sweet-homes. But there is one daunting design phenomenon (and terror) that seems to exist only in Chi-town: the awkwardly small extra bedroom. Our gorgeous, vintage buildings come with tons of charm, and also, a weird little space that feels like a brain teaser. It's not quite a bedroom, and not quite a coat closet. No matter how your landlord tries to spin it, and no matter how ambitious you are, that room is always a question mark. Until now. Let design pro Alaina Kaczmarski, of Live Creating Yourself, show you how to turn this space into something totally functional, which might just become your favorite room in the house. Whether you go the wardrobe route or the office route, you'll feel tons better after making this room your own. Problem solved.

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