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Meet Australian-born, Chicago-dwelling Via Tania, a vocalist lending her skills to dance floor tracks from here to the Outback. Her latest appearance is on Zig Zags, a new single by Beni, which is waiting for your listen below. This world-travelling artist is visiting her Australian home at the moment, but we stole a second of her busy schedule to interview her on why she made the move to Chi-town, and why she loves it. Read up on Via Tania below, then take a listen to Zig Zags, and get hooked on her tragic-but-beautiful, wistful-but-strong sound. We did.
What is your favorite Chicago hang out?
"My garden mostly, I also love the Garfield Park Conservatory or really any conservatory, the one in Lincoln Park Zoo is small but awesome too, as is Oak Park's. I also love to check in at Big Star a couple times a week and Danny's is my all time fave."
Where is your favorite place to go for a fashion steal?
"Thrift Stores of course are the best deals but yard sales and estate sales are much more fun. Also, Very Best Vintage in the Ukranian Village is awesome!"
Where is your favorite place to go for a splurge?
"Oh it's Robin Richman in Bucktown Chicago, no doubt."
Why did you move from Australia to Chicago, as opposed to New York or L.A.?
"Chicago originally because I had friends there and I really enjoyed meeting people and musicians. I always will feel Chicagoans have something special, but it was also my twenties and I was dying to experience something different. I had no real connections in NY or L.A. at the time and Chicago just stuck. I'm in Sydney right now and it is really easy to compare. Sydney feels more like New York than Chicago (if you don't pay attention to the laid back beach culture)."
Listen to our exclusive premiere of "Zig Zags" by Beni ft. Via Tania.
Photo: Courtesy of Modular People

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