Here's Why This Beauty Influencer Always Carries Extra Underwear

In much the same way our go-to bags say something about who we are, so do the wealth of things we keep inside of them. That’s why, for this installment of R29’s Spill It, we asked Lisette — YouTube personality and beloved beauty influencer — to give us an inside look at the essentials she carries with her everywhere.
As expected, Lisette carries plenty of beauty supplies on her person (blotting powder compact, lip gloss, a skin salve, nude lipstick, tweezers, roll-on perfume), but she's also got two key items in case of an unexpected situation: a U by Kotex click compact tampon and an extra pair of underwear. "You gotta be prepared," she says. "And your period should never stop you from doing anything."
Watch the video above to find out what other surprising goods you'll find in the depths of Lisette's purse. (Hint: There's a polaroid of her cat, B.B.)

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