5 Things To Know This AM — May 17 2012

Elettra Wiedemann's chic Gryphon coat is not just good, it's frickin' good. However, this beautiful, classic coverall is attached to a worthy cause that'll make you feel frickin' good, too. (Vogue)
While there are a few of us whose lash batting could use a little oomph, we don't know if that's enough push to get us to try mink eye lashes. Even the "cruelty-free" kind. (Ecouterre)
Is your vanilla latte with a triple shot of espresso the secret to a long life? C'mon, obviously not. But one study suggests that more coffee could equal more years ahead. (The Atlantic)
It's official: Carine Roitfeld is a grandmother. Congrats to Julia Restoin-Roitfeld and fam on the birth of one genetically blessed little bundle of joy. (The Cut)
If your thirst for Lisa Frank Trapper Keepers is always fresh on your brain, this interview will certainly give you a wonderful dose of nostalgia. Check out this one-on-one with the head designer of Lisa Frank from it's glorious rainbow-and-unicorn-filled heyday. (Hello Giggles)
Photo: Via Vogue

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