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Design Sponge Shows Us Artist Lisa Congdon’s Super Inspiring Sketchbook

Here at R29, we’re always itching to peek into the worlds of S.F.’s most creative craniums. Whether we’re popping into light-soaked studios or checking out a collection of crafty-cool desks, it's always inspiring to get a glimpse into the process.
And, one Bay Artist we just can't get enough of? Oakland-based Lisa Congdon — her playful illustrations and brightly colored drawings are saturated with cool patterns and quirky subject matter and are a visual treat. Hot off the heels of her collab with Poketo, Design Sponge delved into Congdon’s doodle book, leaving us straight-up impressed. If you've ever wondered what Congdon scribbles away at when she has some free time, here is your chance to catch a look at her geometric-lined pages and whimsical sketches. To see how this artist lets her creativity soar inside one of her most prized possessions, her handy-dandy notebook — take a peek at the pretty pages here. (Design Sponge)

Photo: Via Design Sponge