Links Monday

links0609082.jpgIn the brief caesura between the Grey Gardens musical and the Grey Gardens movie, you can sate your appetite with Edith Bouvier Beale of Grey Gardens: A Life in Pictures. (pictured, Hint)
Tweet tweet. Cranes, cardinals, emus, parrots, and peacocks pecked down the runways at Australia Fashion Week. (Trend de la Creme)
For the first time in recorded history, someone complains that fashion actually made her fat. No, she was not wearing Hammer pants. (Dollymix)
Asymmetrical glasses contribute to the skewed world view of the fashion forward (PSFK)
The classy Michelle Obama is the resident Jackie of what FOX News so delicately calls, "Camelot with a tan." Ah Newscorp, masters of the racist complement. (NYTimes)
The strongest, most agile and psychically fit women in the world are still not thin enough compared to the models of Teen Vogue. (Jezebel)

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