Links Monday

vibskov_linksThanks to the world of luxury partnerships, Henrik Vibskov and Peaches collide in Zurich—a well-dressed slice of hell breaks loose. (Hint)
No matter what the other kids at school might tell you, tights are not pants—consider this a lesson learned. (Tights Are Not Pants)
Survive the looming worldwide economic crisis with style and élan. (IndependentUK)
The late creator of the Pringles can finds a final, eloquent use for his ingenious invention. (CNN)
How to dress like a Mac, or at least that dork who plays one on TV. (Life Clever)
Donations to England's Oxfam second-hand stores have included a donkey, a houseboat, an orchard of apples, and a rare 17th century treatise. And you only walked away with that paisley blouse—sucker. (BBC)
Racked takes a close look at the Ruffian pop-up shop at Earnest Sewn and finds used condoms and a vibrator. I-C-K-Y. (Racked)

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