McQueen's Ashes, Tonchi's W Meeting, And Lynn Yaeger's eBay Habits

"Here is what I do every single morning, in between teeth-brushing and waiting for the coffee to boil: I turn on my laptop and type "baby locket" into eBay." Lynn Yaeger reveals her home, collections, and the fact she's an avid eBay-er. (The Inside Source)
Stefano Tonchi isn't wasting any time—the new W EIC will address his minions today at 11 a.m. (Fashion Week Daily)
The EU's highest court ruled that Google isn't liable for trademark infringement if ads for luxury goods that show up in search results link to faux versions of the real deal. It's not that confusing, we promise. (WSJ)
The popularity of patterned tights continues to oppress women with normal-sized legs. (The Times)
Alexander McQueen's family will scatter his ashes on the Isle of Skye in Scotland—what he considered his ancestral home. (London Evening Standard)
Natalia Vodianova gets seriously ugly! (Modelinia)

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