Lindsay Lohan's Father Is Opening A Nightclub Called Controversy

The worst thing Lindsay Lohan may have given us, besides those heart pasties at Ungaro, is her famewhore of a father, aka Michael Lohan. The mega douchebag clogs up twitter with his rants and raves, gives a bad name to alcoholics, and makes Jon Gosselin look positively saint-like. Well now he's making the Hamptons a little less desirable with a new club called, what else, Controversy, at the Annona restaurant. We're giving you the skinny just in case the crowd of fake-tanned, Ed Hardy-wearing fellow d-bags didn't alert you to the fact that this is definitely not a Refinery-approved spot. But if you really, really wanna peep this place, make sure you're clean. They will be screening for drugs. No word on whether Lohan will be screening himself. (Gawker)
112 Riverhead Road (near Rogers Avenue); Westhampton; 631-288-7766

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