Light Up Your Life! Flash:Light Illuminates Some Of The City's Spaces

New York is pretty creative when it comes to advertisements, and while most aren't as cray-cray as making out on top of a taxi cab, places like Times Square--ones overrun with neon signs and plastered with posters--are a recipe for excessive stimulation for even for the most jaded New Yorkers. For those of you who aren't the biggest ad fans, beginning on May 7 Flash:Light is transforming some of the city's most iconic spaces by using projection, light, and sound installations as a means to give artists some space in a city overrun with corporate marketing. The places to hit-up for this innovative, outdoor show are Mulberry Street between Prince and Houston, St. Patrick's Basilica, as well as The New Museum's Facade on 235 Bowery. The best news? The event is free, so give your gams some exercise and stop by any (or all) of these spots on your way home from work.
Saturday, May 7, 8 p.m. Mulberry Street (between Prince and Houston streets); St. Patrick's Basilica, 263 Mulberry Street (between Prince and East Houston streets); The New Museum, 235 Bowery (between Delancey and East Houston streets).

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