Light Red Wine Will Help You Say Goodbye To Rosé & Hello To Fall

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Labor Day has come and gone, and that means one thing: its officially, unofficially fall. While the first day of autumn might not be until September 21, the long weekend acts as a warm weather send-off. It's farewell to cold brew, hello to PSL. Adieu to rosé, bonjour to red wine. Or, at least, in theory. We have to admit a slight sadness, even in our caramel apple-filled hearts, at the idea of shelving our beloved pink wine until next summer.
Saying goodbye to rosé in the fall is similar to the wearing white after Labor Day rule — more of a conventional wisdom than an actual rule (as always, you do you). But still, we were curious: are there more appropriate reds for rosé fans that can help us get excited for longer, colder nights and sweater weather?
We spoke with Sayle Milne, of Wine Savvy, to get her top picks for light reds perfect for rosé and white wine lovers — or those of us just not ready for a heavy Cabernet quite yet. Ahead, five varietals to keep your eyes peeled for all fall long, as well as Milne's personal favorite picks.

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