Lenny Kravitz Locks Down Torso Vintages For Champagne-Fueled Shopping

Everyone knows that Lenny Kravitz has some supremely funky getups, but what we don’t know is where exactly he gets all that garb. One possible answer: Torso Vintages in S.F.’s Union Square 'hood. How do we know? Yesterday on Twitter, we discovered that local blogger Kristen Philipkoski of StyleNik spotted Kravitz thumbing through the racks of the renowned vintage shop while the staff locked down the doors and served champagne to Kravitz and his crew. While the rockstar, also the opening act for U2's concert tonight, was escorted to a VIP changing-room downstairs, Philipkoski did notice one item being rushed for him to try on: A crazy vest trimmed in Mongolian fur. So, yep, if you see Kravitz rockin’ that number tonight (or in the near future), you know where it came from.

Photo: Facebook/Lenny Kravitz

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