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How To Recreate Lena Dunham’s Epic Updo

Lena Dunham isn't one to steer clear of a daring 'do every now and then. There was that time she got an awkward bowl cut with lopsided bangs (on television, no less). Then, she rocked a formidable pixie for over a year, only to transform it into yet another bowl cut — this time, in platinum blonde. Yeah, it's safe to say the girl's got gall.
So, when she posted a throwback pic of herself on Instagram yesterday donning an epic, chic-yet-pretty updo, we had many questions: Where has this hairstyle been all our lives? Does this mean Lena will grow out her hair again? And, most importantly, how can we recreate it ourselves?
For answers, we recruited Rheanne White, the stylist behind Dunham's most recent cut. "This is kind of like an updated Breakfast at Tiffany's look," she explains. "You should start by misting the roots of damp hair with a salt spray, like Lavett&Chin's Sea Salt Texturizing Mist, to create volume. Then, blowdry using a medium-sized round brush to lift and smooth the ends."
Next, back-comb the roots at the crown of your head using a teasing comb or brush. Spray the area using Shu Uemura Texture Wave Dry Finishing Spray to add extra volume and grit. Pull your hair into a ponytail, but leave some pieces in the front and on the sides. Once that's in place, cross the side strands over one another and secure with bobby pins. Lastly, twist the pony into a messy knot, securing with U-pins, and add some Layrite Pomade on the fringe for hold and shine.
Voilà: the perfect "Audrey Hepburn goes to Bushwick" hairdo. (Adorable dog not included.)

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