Leibovitz Designs For Louis, Fantastic Man For the Ladies, and Masters of The Hipsterverse

She-Ra Princess of Power wears jacket and top by H&M, jeans by April77, shoes and battle tiara model's own.
Um, since when was blackface hot again?
Apparently the knives are out on the set of Sex and The City 2: Attack of the Clones
It's always worth checking out Dame Anna in her t-shirt and gold lamé days.
Fantastic Man now has a little sister, Gentlewoman .
Ms. Doré reports that Gwyneth Paltrow thinks The September Issue is Oscar bound.
Annie Leibovitz receives a much-needed cash infusion by designing a Louis Vuitton bag. Hell of a financial plan there.
"Going on tour with Jimi Hendrix would be my ultimate. It would be balls to the wall. There would be no boundaries."—Erin Wasson's on her unachievable rock dreams.
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