How This 28-Year-Old Discovered Her Brain Tumor

For most of us, a headache is a painful and annoying — but ultimately harmless — experience. But for retired U.S. soccer star Lauren Holiday, her lingering headache was a sign of something more serious, The Times-Picayune reported Sunday. The cause of her pain turned out to be a benign (non-cancerous) brain tumor. Luckily, doctors say her tumor is operable. But the 28-year-old is also eight months pregnant. So she'll wait to have surgery until after giving birth. Although headaches can be a symptom of brain tumors, these aren't the same kind of headaches that most of us get from being dehydrated, stressed, or over-caffeinated. Those tend to come and go in predictable patterns. Instead, a headache due to a tumor sticks around — and it'll feel different. It's "usually a new headache that you’ve never had before," Robert Martuza, MD, at Massachusetts General Hospital told Self. "It’s more of a dull ache." The headache may also come with more severe symptoms, such as seizures, vomiting, or a loss of hearing or vision. However, it's important to note that brain tumors are (thankfully) quite rare. But if any of your headaches have you worried, it's worth getting checked out by a doctor. Even if they're not due to a brain tumor, the doc may be able to help you manage them better — so you can get on with the rest of your life.

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