3 Local Sites To Save Your Butt This Christmas

sixdoorsPhoto: Courtesy of SixDoors
If you’re reading this right now, you probably think you’re S.O.L in the holiday shopping sector. We mean, it is the eve before Christmas and all. But, don’t freak — there’s still hope! We're thanking our lucky stars for S.F.’s tech-minded lifesavers and their ability to make presents instantly appear with the mere swipe of a screen. So, what are you waiting for? Peek this trio of lifesaving apps (think of it as a modern-day three kings) and get on it, already.


With a large compilation of local shops and brands — everyone from INNA Jam to Half Hitch Goods are offered — SixDoors takes last-minute shopping to the next level. All you need to do is download the app and then select from one of many S.F.-based vendors and incredibly thoughtful gifts and bam! They're hand-delivered to your door, the very same day (for only six bucks). It’s super easy and you can even select the time frame for your delivery. Oh, and forget scrounging around when it comes to birthdays, either: SixDoors sends reminders when your Facebook buds have their special days. Plus, SixDoors is offering 10% through December 31 and free delivery to boot. Just pop in this code: REFINERY29. Seriously, download this now!


Lasso is like having a divine wine and cheese bar right at your fingertips. If you’re in a bind hours before hosting that holiday soiree, just add a couple things to your cart, and let Lasso handle the rest. Think artisanal wines and cheeses, handmade platters, and gift baskets galore. We can’t imagine hosting another party again without tapping this genius. Plus, who doesn’t want a hunkin’ bottle of whiskey in their stocking? Sign us up!

Bloom That

If there’s one thing that will bring a smile to your S.O.’s face in a snap, it’s a thoughtful bouquet from Bloom That. Sure, it might be a gorgeously fleeting gift, but Bloom That’s personalized service, along with speedy, same-day delivery time, will save your procrastinating booty in no time. Choose from a teensy terrarium to a full-blown bouquet, and land yourself back on your sweetie’s nice list, anytime of the year.

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