Does Lasik Surgery Hurt? Plus, 10 More Of Your Biggest Questions

If you wear glasses or contact lenses, chances are you've wondered about Lasik surgery at some point in your corrective-vision lifetime. Maybe you've routinely slept in your contact lenses. Maybe you've broken your glasses one too many times. Or maybe you've done something like lost a contact lens on a hiking trip and spent the afternoon in a nature-filled haze, which drove you to consider a permanent fix. These are all very valid reasons.
But, if the thought of shooting laser beams into your eyeballs to forever change your eyesight is just plain scary to you, you're not alone — it's totally normal to have questions. The good news: "Lasik is the most frequently performed elective procedure in the world, and the success rates are greater than 95% in terms of satisfaction for patients," says Ronald Krueger, MD, an ophthalmologist at Cleveland Clinic. Not only is it a common procedure, but large analyses have shown that 91% of patients will achieve 20/20 vision after an initial surgery, Dr. Kreuger says.
Still have questions? Here are 10 more answers to Lasik questions you've probably wondered about (and Googled). First thing's first: No, it doesn't hurt, but more on that ahead.

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