Lara Stone Gets Hot And Heavy With Some Babes For The CK One Shock Ad

Calvin Klein's infamous CK One scent is back, this time starring a new cast of hottie musicians and the one and only Lara Stone. But unlike the iconic unisex spritzer, the brand's newest endeavor, CK One Shock, sports a men's and women's scent. Fittingly, the super-intense campaign is centered around Ms. Stone getting her CK on with a bunch of boys and girls, like DJ Alice Dellal, Sky Ferreira, Ruby Aldridge, supermodel Wang Xiao, model Herieth Paul, boxing champion Robert Evans, model Aaron Frew, model/rapper Yuri Pleskun, musician Ian Mellencamp, artist Viggo Jonasson, and singer Tomo Aki Kurata...whew! The list goes on and on. Steamy, but from the looks of it, we're guessing you can only wear CK One Shock at a rave circa '96 in New York?
Image © 2011 Steven Meisel

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