Lara Burns Calories, Palermo Designs, and Sevigny and Segel?

BOO! Katie Eary got you!
Once your heart gets back to a normal rhythm, check out The Cut's best and worst September fashion spreads.
Geren Ford is launching an accessories line. Huzzah!
As is Olivia Palermo. Huzzah?
Lara Stone threatens to burn off her curves with exercise. In response, we offer her a baker's dozen of Krispy Kremes.
The British press continues to stoke the fires of this whole Anna-Wintour-Pixie-Geldof-Alexa-Chung non event. Kinda pointless, but at least we get to see these pictures for a couple more days.
Marc Ecko to be acquired or shut down? We're fine either way.
Rachel Zoe has been feeling rather barfy as of late.
So Forgetting Sarah Marshall's Jason Segel and Chloë Sevigny are an item now? Well, they both like getting buck naked in front of the camera, so they have that to talk about.
"Coming here in the past, I have always said, some of the best ideas I have seen any place, every season—maybe sometimes the execution wasn't quite there, but the ideas certainly were—were in London."—Kate Lanphear.
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