5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 12 2012

We could only take one more "Shit ___ Says" video before we were officially sick of it, and we're glad we made "Shit Liza Mineli Says" our last. Now, we're done. (Fashion Week Daily)
You and your grandma might not always see eye to eye on style and, well, the world. But don't forget, back in the day, she tore up the dance floor with cute boys (and in cute skirts!) and subsequently passed out couches, just like you! (The Eye Of Faith)
Lady Gaga claims that she's into designer knockoffs even though she has, you know, the best designer duds that money can buy (including a Birkin Bag). Do you believe her, or is this one as "true" as her pointy cheekbones? (Fashionista)
Of course everyone is wrapped up in the inane controversy over the lucite crib Blue Ivy may or may not be sleeping in. Because clearly there's nothing more important going on in the world. (Racked)
How's that New Year's workout plan holding up? Whether you've already indulged in a box of brownies or you've been faithful to the new you, here are some healthy eating and exercise tips that'll help make your life a little easier. (Food Republic)


Photo: Via The Eye Of Faith

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