L.A. Photo Assistants' Show Puts Industry's Hardest Workers Front-And-Center

Scoring an assistantship can be an incredible way to get a leg-up in the creative world, but it can still be hard to get your work recognized by the people who can take you from behind-the-scenes to center-stage. This can be particularly challenging for budding photographers, since they're always behind the lens and never in front of it, even more so if they're working for bigger names. To help give these up-and-comers a boost, Smashbox Studios has set up the L.A. Photo Assistants' Show, featuring work by assistants to Art Streiber, Jim Marshall, David LaChapelle, Jiro Schneider, and others. The show is well-attended by the industry's best, giving these little-known assistants some great exposure and lots of potential contacts. The rest of us, however, just get to see all of the gorgeous shots that are on display through July 29. We'll figure out how to deal! (LAT)

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