Like It Or Not, Kmart Is Airing (Slightly Creepy) Christmas Commercials

If your Christmas gift buying routine boils down to weeks of denial followed by a panicked store sweep on Christmas Eve, Kmart wants to help you change your ways. On Monday it started airing a Christmas commercial that helpfully tells us to START PANICKING ABOUT BUYING PRESENTS NOW.
After all, it’s not like we’ve got months and months until the big day. Oh yeah…we do.
In the Kmart’s defence, the commercial is for its holiday layaway program, which allows shoppers to spread payments for pricier purchases over time. But the ad, which warns viewers about letting the holidays "sneak up" on them, has enraged Kmart’s customers, who complained on Facebook that the store is stretching the length of the festive season to breaking point.
And what of the advert’s content? In summary, it portrays a human-sized gingerbread man who silently and slowly creeps up on a woman working in an empty office. Kind of like a postmodern Dawn of the Dead. Then—presumably out of blinding festive terror—the woman in question haul-asses to Kmart and buys a food blender.
Intrigued? Of course you are—and you can watch it here:
(Washington Post)

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