Kenley Sentenced, Rachel’s Status, and Tim’s Shoes

chrissie-main-refinery29-04Lesley Arfin remembers meeting Chrissie Miller of Sophomore back when, "The towers were still up, I was still on drugs, and the people who are old now were young and dumb and working retail." Those were the days, hunh? (Missbehave)
Topshop has been stacking the deck by purposefully not letting customers in, thus creating a line in order to draw—yes—more customers. Look, if we wanted that kind of treatment, we'd hang out in the Meat Packing District, mmmkay? (NYP)
Rachel Zoe is now on Facebook. Status Update: "Rachel is dying, bananas." (The Cut)
This is the perfect wedding dress for someone married to, say, a Saudi prince who has a certain, if unhealthy, affinity for peacocks. (The Frisky)
While talking about his womens' line, Tim Hamilton lets it slip that he's working on a line of shoes. Neat! (The Cut)
Kenley Collins pleaded guilty to aggravated assault with a feline and got off with a $120 fine and a two-year restraining order protecting her ex. Representatives of the powerful political cat lobby at first planned to protest, but instead licked their paws, rolled over, and fell asleep next to the radiator. (Jezebel)

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