Kelly Cutrone Says She’s Redefined The Meaning Of “Bitch”

Public relations powerhouse Kelly Cutrone is coming back for seconds—like it or not. Her new tome, Normal Gets You Nowhere, is basically “be yourself” advice spelled out over 192 pages, peppered with some expletives carefully laced in for good measure. Before her book signing at Books Inc. in the Marina last night, we got a chance to chat with her about her book, new clothing line, The Electric Love Army, and her all-time favorite freak.

You dole out a lot of career advice. What irks you the most professionally?

“Explaining the internship program at People's Revolution, and when people put 'Thank you in advance' in an email. What are you thankful for?! I shred resumes with that on it.”

On the flip side, what’s your favorite part of giving career guidance?

“I love pointing young people in a solid direction and watching them go for their dreams.”

Your book is called Normal Gets You Nowhere. What is your definition of "normal," and is there something normal about you that people may be surprised to find out?

“Webster defines 'normal' as 'Of average intelligence'—I define it as Walmart on a Friday night. People would be surprised to know that I ice skate.”

In your book you say we need an army of “ubertalented superfreaks” if we are going to change the world. Do you have a favorite freak?

“Mary Ellen Mark!”

When people call you a “bitch,” does it bother you?

“I have been called a bitch so long, I do not remember if it hurt my feelings initially. I reclaimed it, and now it means 'Babe in Total Control of Herself' or 'Boss In Total Control of Herself.'”

Can we plan to see more career advice-focused books from you in the future?

“If Harper One or Harper Collins invites me back, sure! You never really know what will happen. Would I want to continue? Yeah. Would I want to continue to be a voice for young people? Yeah. First I want to really make sure this book does well.”

You’re playing designer now, as well. Tell us about your upcoming clothing line, The Electric Army.

“It’s with Chris Burch [Tory Burch's ex-husband], and we have an amazing deal together. I love him because he’s as crazy and as smart as me. He’s totally funny and has an entrepreneurial spirit—he’s a genius. The inspiration for the line is my own experience in fashion. The amazing experience you get from a beautiful store, to create a great place where young women can go. Think Phoebe Cates in Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Not the Indigo Girls. It’s smart, but not granola, feminine, and intelligent. It’ll be out in September 2012.”
What are your favorite things to do in San Francisco? “I love San Francisco and the surrounding towns so much. I love going to the Huntington Hotel—the rooms, the spa, and the bar. Boulevard Restaurant is amazing. I love the vintage game museum, Musée Mécanique, on the pier, Books Inc. in the Marina, and Redwood National State Park.”

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