No Dicking Around: We Love Proper Attire's New Keith Haring Condoms

Dudes, if there's ever been a time to sheath yourself in style, we think World AIDS Day is it. So we think we've got a cool solution to wrap yourself up right today: The Keith Haring Foundation has teamed up with Proper Attire condoms for the second time on a range of contraceptives that pack a visual punch (we can't vouch for your other, uh, punching skills). Haring's iconic imagery pops on the wrappers (oh so easy to find in that cluttered nightstand), featuring bright barking dogs and dancing figures you're used to seeing at all the major art museums. We know Haring would be proud—the artist was always a major proponent of AIDS education, awareness, and prevention. The purchase price of the protection benefits the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, which wants you to practice safe-sex. And so do we: About one person in the U.S. contracts HIV every 10 minutes, so, guys, take a second before you do the deed to slip these penis protectors on—you can even keep the wrapper!
Proper Attire Keith Haring Foundation Condoms, $5.99, available at Opening Ceremony, 35 Howard Street (at Broadway); 212-219-2688.

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