5 Things To Know This AM — Jan 27 2012

Check out what makes our favorite ballerina bun-wearing fashion blogger tick, and sneak a peek into her super-eclectic (and envy-inducing) closet. (The Avant/Garde Diaries)
This golden silk cape is incredibly gorgeous...even if it's made out of threads from golden orb spiders. Still, the thought of actually putting it on gives us the hibby-jibbies. (Dezeen)
And, while we certainly hope spider butt floss isn't going to become the next big trend, we're also going to go ahead and petition against wearing trippy teddy bears on our clothes. (High Snobiety)
Kate Moss apparently hates Twitter and doesn't want to have an account there, ever. Oh Kate, don't you know that nothing tastes as good as tweeting feels? Except for maybe @Starbucks, @Mcdonalds, and @Krispykreme. (Stylist)
In order to ensure that their nuptials were hush-hush, JFK, Jr.'s wedding planners pretended they were organizing Nicole Miller's wedding instead. The designer was going chat with Kennedy about it once, but she ended up being too busy talking to Robert De Niro. You know how it goes. (Women's Wear Daily)
Photo: Via Dezeen

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