5 Things To Know This AM — Mar 20 2012

Anna Wintour repeats outfits, just like (and maybe, almost as often as) us. After all, who wants to wear their Manolos only once? (Jezebel)
If Urban Outfitters was our teenage kid, they would so be grounded right now. Here's the latest bit of trouble they've gotten into. (Huffington Post)
Karl Lagerfeld sleeps precisely seven hours each night, drinks Diet Coke ALL day long, has a uniform of two looks, and hates the word "routine." Wait a second.... (Harper's Bazaar)
Check off this thoroughly well-crafted reading list for when you finally do land a date with Don Draper and he strikes up a sexy literary convo. (Flavorwire)
How comfortable are you leaving the house without makeup on, to go to work? The gym? A date?! According to one study, a large number of us ladies would rather just stay home than face the world without a made-up visage. (Daily Mail)
Photo: Via Jezebel

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