R29 Love Letter: July Hotness From Us To YOU

Historically, July is a sleepy month. The temps are high, energies are low (in a good way), and everyone's inner sonar is directed toward sunset cocktails and, if you're lucky, some summer flinging. And even though you, our lovely readers, are preoccupied with catching trains, planes, and automobiles to high-tail it out of town (after all, we're all just "crazy busy!" and the Times is apparently calling us out on it), we've got plenty of stellar ideas in the pipeline to keep you cool and satiated, right here, in our first monthly letter from the editor.
But before we get started, let's address the fact that Goddamn Mercury is going retrograde on July 18. What does that mean for you? In a nutshell: old boyfriends creeping back into the picture, laptops and iPhones having tantrums, miscommunications between you and your co-workers, and weird travel snafus. If you're anything like us, you'll use the three "reverse" weeks to tie up loose ends and finish up old projects as well as clean out your closets and get ready for a new season on the horizon…you know, it'll be here before we know it.
However, in the here and now, the Summer Olympics in London start at the end of the month, and we're ramping up with our favorite athletes past and present, the events we've got our eye on, some athlete-inspired workouts, AND, perhaps most importantly, giving some love to the city Refinery29 will be launching in come November (yes! R29 is going global!).
All that talk of athletes leads us to Superfoods…yes, the natural, healthy, immune-boosting eats (think kale and blueberries) that make us feel better about ourselves and, hopefully, do double-duty in keeping us energized and radiant. Or do they? We'll have a speedy overview of what super ingredients you need on your grocery list this month and onward, next week.
And speaking of super, has everyone tuned in to the extraordinary documentary about performance artist Marina Abramovic? If you haven't, add this to your to-do list ASAP, because in addition to being the most spectacular-looking woman in her 60s we've ever seen (and a surprising source of inspiration for James Franco's new Playboy column), this legendary artist will show you just how powerful, moving, and life-changing a one-on-one gaze can be.

In other news of outstanding women, did you read Anne-Marie Slaughter's story in
The Atlantic
and agree that the term "have it all" is absurdly antiquated and has to go? Us, too. But here's a little extension on the feature that gives even more insight into Slaughter's ongoing exploration of working women and the impossible standards we're up against.

We highly recommend you take the time to read it, but if instead of reading dense explorations of women's issues and watching rad documentaries, you've been spending your hard-earned cash on Proenza bags and Tabitha Simmons espadrilles, you're hardly alone. In fact, this month, we're going to take a closer look at how much joy is triggered by a product AND a price tag. (Curious? Just wait and see.)
And now that we're talking about the thrill of spending, we have to ask: Have you checked out our new ode to online shopping? No? Shame on you. Just click right here, and you'll see what so many late nights and team takeout dinners has spawned, including your chance to shop R29 editors' closets, your favorite designers, and all the irresistible essentials we're tracking on our summer wish list.

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