Best Of The Week: Our Top 10 Stories — Jul 02 2010

1. Peep Solange Knowles' Inspired Style—Regardless of where she finds musical inspiration, we're feelin' Solange's summer looks. Also, how cute is her kid?!
2. Style Tips For Hotter-Than-Hell Days—When it's fiery-furnaces outside, here are some easy tips to keep you from melting.
3. Rad of Bad: Touristy Hawaiian Prints—Stick a straw in that coconut and get your tourist on.
4. Bold Swimsuits Step Out For Summer—Swimsuits, hair tips, and eye candy. What's not to love?
5. Models Making the Switch To Movies—It's not enough that we ogle runway pics all day, we also get to watch our favorite models on the big screen!
6. Urban Outfitters Heads To Queens For Their Fall 2010 Lookbook—The nostalgia makes us long for a soda fountain and a sock-hop. Weird Feminine Mystique undertones, we'll pass on.
7. 10 Top Looks & Lessons From Resort—10 easy tips, tricks, and trends we picked up from fashion's most schizy season.
8. Topshop's Fall 2010 Collection Holds Fashion Court In An Abandoned Basement—If you're chilling in your parental's basement this summer, here's how to look like a million bucks.
9. Pump Up Your Pieds With Patterned Shoes—Don't just turn to dresses and tops, your feet deserve a little print love too!
10. 6 Shockingly Cheap Summer Beauty Essentials—Look like a summer-sun goddess without breaking a sweat or the bank.
What was your favorite story?

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