How This Chef Became A Pro Dinner-Party Host

After meeting our share of entertaining pros, we've learned there is a distinct difference between a hostess and a hostess, and it's in the details. A hostess, for example, might grab a premade bouquet at a grocery store, but a hostess would make it herself, accounting for the interplay of scents, colors, shapes, and textures. Julia Ziegler-Haynes is definitely the latter.
With a RISD-honed eye for aesthetic detail and an affinity for cooking, the artist's waitressing gig led to hosting a periodic supper club at her home, which soon became her bread and butter. (Couldn't help it.) Her self-made passion and business, aptly dubbed The Dinner Bell, summons her impressive combination of visual acuity, kitchen wizardry, and entrepreneurial spirit. And, it's the reason we tapped Ziegler-Haynes for The List, our series with T.J.Maxx spotlighting fierce, admirable women who make the most of every moment.
From how to budget for a memorable dinner party to where she finds inspiration, she shared all of her expert hospitality hacks while we toured her cozy home on Long Island's North Fork. Keep your eyes peeled for the full story, and in the meantime, watch the video above for a sneak preview. With these tips in your back pocket, you'll be hostessing in no time.

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