Best Collab Of The Year: John Legend & Lang Lang Make Us Cry

Our crush on John Legend instantly sprung into existence the first time we heard "Ordinary People." The soulful, velvety voice, the sexy yet emotional lyrics... it's the perfect make out song, or some potent post-breakup tonic. Followed up by repeat-worthy tunes like "So High," "Greenlight," and "Everybody Knows," Mr. Legend became, well, legendary on our smooth crooners' list. Last week, though, the crush became something deeper...something beautiful. Okay, sorry if we're sounding scary, but you'd feel the same if you witnessed the collab between the Grammy-winning singer and virtuoso pianist Lang Lang — the duo struck soulful gold at New York landmark St. Bartholomew’s.
The onetime, one-of-a-kind event was all made possible by iconic champagne house Dom Pérignon’s “Power of Creation” series, imaginative experiences meant to channel Dom P's own exploratory and innovative history. And, boy did this tug at our heart strings. With a backdrop of the church's gorgeous French Romanesque architecture (with some serious mood lighting and flutes of the bubbly stuff), the talented dudes came together to mix powerful playing with powerful vocal chords in a way we haven't quite seen before, performing songs like “Dancing in the Dark,” and, naturally, Legend’s hits “All of Me" and “Ordinary People.” The weepiness culminated when Lang Lang and Legend hit the Beatles' “Here Comes the Sun" — let's just say that if we could hire 'em to play our walking-down-the-aisle song, we would. Actually, we already tried (the Pérignon helped!).
Peep the video below to get a taste of the maestro magic, and then revisit some of JL's old classics. Preferably with a S.O.
Video/Photo: Courtesy of Dom Perignon.

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