You DON’T Need To Change: A Dating Manifesto To Memorize

We've all been there before — after a bad break-up or during a particularly despondent time in singledom, you may be tempted to cry out, "I'm just too ______ for anyone to love me!" Whether you're filling in the blank with flat-chested, overweight, nerdy, or any other potentially pejorative adjective, hear this: You are not "too" any of those things, and you have to stop believing that you need to change. Our friends at Jezebel explain how by comparing yourself to a supposed ideal, you are closing yourself off to true romantic happiness. Their powerful message has totally inspired us to work on controlling our insecure thoughts and embrace our inner girl power. After all, anyone worth dating will love us for who we are, not for who we're trying to be. Check out Jezebel's brutally honest dating manifesto and stop second-guessing yourself. (Jezebel)

Image via: Jezebel


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