Future Plans: Grab Your Spot At This Hot DIY-Jewelry Class

If there’s one thing we love sinking our teeth into on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, it’s a handy-dandy DIY. We dig when the weekend rolls around and we finally find time to mimic the savvy designs that have been populating our Pinterest boards on the reg.
But sometimes, DIYs are easier said (or pinned) than done. What looks like a breezy, no-frills undertaking can often end up a messy, glue gun-wielding experiment gone wrong. And since we secretly wish a pro of some kind was always at the ready, available to assist us, Skillshare’s upcoming DIY event is right up our alley.
In case you didn't already know, the skill-swapping startup is a virtual landscape where users can sign up and share information about their respective talents and host classes on the matter. The most recent meetup that's caught our eye is coming to the Bay courtesy of InStyle contributor and I Spy DIY blogger Jenni Radosevich.
Come May 20, the creative gal will be offering up her jewelry-making skills during a $30 course at Wix Lounge. Come and create baubles ranging from friendship bracelets to tribal necklaces at this must-hit event, plus get Radosevich's latest tome signed by the lady of the hour. Trust us, you and your limbs will be glad you popped in.
When: Sunday, May 20, 2 to 5 p.m.
Where: Wix Lounge S.F., 2601 Mission Street (between 22nd and 23rd streets), 3rd Floor; 415-329-4609.
Price: $30; Tickets here.
Photos: Courtesy of I Spy DIY

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