Exclusive First Look: Inside This Loeffler Randall Designer's Bedroom

You know her shoes well, as those credit-card statements can attest. But now, let's get even more intimate with Loeffler Randall designer Jessie Randall...in her bedroom.
In June's HouseBeautiful, Randall sits down with Barbara King for the mag's "I Love My Bed" series. There, she talks about her surprisingly serene, neutral-covered bedroom sanctuary and using wallpaper as an accent, along with a few other interior-design predilections. The most interesting nugget that proves this mother of three has a heart of gold? She turned her big, walk-in closet into a bedroom for her son — now that's sacrifice, especially for a designer! Check out our favorite quotes from the CFDA-winning designer in this exclusive sneak peek.
Barbara King: "Did you run out of closet space?"
Jessie Randall: "My big, beautiful walk-in closet did get turned into a room for my third son — I have 6-year-old twins and a 2-year-old. I just have one tiny closet now, so I only keep about 10 or 15 pairs of shoes in there. I switch them out every three months or so, once I get a new batch from my latest collection."
BK: "Did you also run out of wallpaper?"
JR: "That was intentional! I have wallpaper in every room, but I like to use it in a modern way, as an accent."
BK: "Any more hard-and-fast rules for the house?"
JR: "My husband has a rule that all the bedding and towels have to be white. He’s very particular. He always starts out against every idea I have — like this wallpaper — and then he ends up liking it."
For the full interview, pick up the June issue of HouseBeautiful when it hits newsstands May 28.
Photo: Courtesy of HouseBeautiful

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