Self-Tanner Stench Begone! Our Beloved Jergens Natural Glow Gets A Scent Makeover

We have a well-documented love/hate relationship with self-tanners. While many R29'ers swear by them to add a healthy glow to their bods, the more melanin-challenged among us tend to avoid them because they wind up making the porcelain-complected look like a distant cousin of an Oompa Loompa. There is, however, one very notable exception to that rule: Jergens' Natural Glow collection.
The pioneers of the gradual self-tanning market, the secret to the, well, natural glow these face and body lotions give off is the buildable formula. By layering the product on for a certain number of days, you can gradually build up to the exact glow you want, without fear of dying your skin an odd shade of brownish-orange (brorange?). They're like the Mary Poppins of self-tanners, practically perfect in every way. Well, except for one: the smell.
Self-tanners in general have always been plagued by that telltale odor, which is the byproduct of DHA (the ingredient that creates that bronze tint) reacting with your skin. Apparently hearing our (very loud) pleas to solve the stench, Jergens put their scientists on the case. Seven years later, they've done just that, revealing a new odor-reducing technology that the brand says "blocks the receptors in the nose that pick up the malodor, effectively helping to prevent you from experiencing the smell that comes along with applying color-enhancing formulas."
Jergens has completely reformulated their entire line of gradual self-tanners to include this new technology, which also boasts additional odor-absorbing materials to further minimize that distinctively funky smell. Available now at drugstores nationwide, this revamp comes at the exact right moment: Just in time for us to get our bods beautifully bronzed before bathing suit season officially kicks off. Serendipitous, no?
Jergens Natural Glow Collection, $8.99, available at
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