Four Words: Jägermeister Root Beer Float

Making a cocktail at home can be a real pain, don't you agree? I mean, there are always five different little splashes of this, or dashes of that. Too much work for me, thanks — I'll just go to a bar! (Also, where do people store all these specific-use liquor bottles?) But, when I saw this recipe for a Jägermeister root beer float, called "The Inside Scoop," I thought, Yeah baby! Now you're speaking my language! The Inside Scoop is just four ingredients, three of which are things you could enjoy on their own (like a glass of root beer or a bowl of vanilla ice cream). The one wild-card ingredient is orange blossom water, but a quick Google search convinced me that this is something we should all have in our homes, anyway. You can use orange blossom flower in pretty much anything, even beyond the kitchen. It can be added to ice cream and ice water for a slight floral aroma, or you can add it to a hot bath (apparently it's great for your skin!). It also works as a room freshener if you add it to boiled water and let it evaporate into the air. So basically, this root beer float is super-easy and practical. The Inside Scoop
From Erin Sullivan of The Third Man
Makes one cocktail. Ingredients
2 oz Jägermeister
4 oz root beer
1 spray or 1 drop orange blossom water
1 Scoop vanilla Ice-cream Instructions
Mix the Jägermeister, root beer, and orange blossom water. Top with ice cream and serve.

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