J.D. Salinger's Super-Bitchy Note Is On Sale For $50,000

When it comes to literary genius, J.D. Salinger is one of the O.G.s, and since he was a recluse most of his life, we're not surprised to find that when he did communicate, he did so passive aggressively . Evidence of his intolerance has surfaced on eBay, and it's expensive—we're talking $50,000 expensive, the going rate for a short, hand-written note the late Salinger wrote to his maid. The note demands that "errands" be done before she goes on vacation, as Salinger does not want to be "bothered with insignificant things." Preach! Aside from confirming the author's diva tendencies, the scribble also reaffirms our faith in the power of direct speech, nice stationery, and a signature that says, "don't mess with me." (New York Observer)

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