It Happened This Week: When Rhoda Met Sanchez, Anna Makes Architecture Analogies, and Jeggings!

rachel-bilson-bikini-robber-2So much happened this week! In between Anna Wintour's poetic analogies and Valentino thinking girls look so ugly these days, we can barely keep up! Below, our 10-items-or-less round-up of all that matters in the worlds of fashion, love, and beyond...
1. Rachel Bilson gets burgled, and the lucky bastard made off with a lifetime's worth of shoes, bags, and jewelry. On an unrelated note, how amazing is our new Chanel purse and matching quilted flats? (E!)
2. Speaking of Brangelina, the couple, along with other good lookers, turned up in Cannes for red-carpet moments that were some good, some bad, and mostly yawn-inducing. (Pipeline)
3. Amy Winehouse will terrorize us with a clothing line. (Grazia)
4. Hot-to-trot Hillary Rhoda and Jets player Mark Sanchez: Like the new Tom and Gisele...or Brangelina, since we all know they're practically over. (NYP)
5. Jeggings. Like the hell child between a hipster's skinnies and a Long Island girl's leggings-as-pants, Whitney Port is first out in the trend that will no doubt begin infecting the Meatpacking like hepatitis. (The Cut)
6. Marios Schwab goes to Halston, and our hearts go with him. (WWD)
7. Mischa Barton returns to our tellies with a new CW show, "The Beautiful Life," reminding us why her acting career has been so non-existant all these years. Oh Zac, why did you let yourself get mixed up in this? (Fashion Copious)
8. Valentino hates it when girls "have their legs out with the most terrible proportions." Like turkey legs ripe for the carving on a Thanksgiving table, maybe? (The Guardian)
9. Fill in this fun SAT analogy! Fatties are to houses what Anna Wintour is to... (Jezebel)
10. After reading a snippet from Lauren Conrad's bold literary debut, we give you the Cliff Notes version: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times... (Teen Vogue)
Pre Photoshopped Photo by Ellen von Unwerth from this cute GQ spread.

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