Just In Case You Don’t Want An iPhone: Here’s A Tempting, New iPod

Aside from today's mega-release of the iPhone 5, Apple also unveiled a new iPod Nano, increasing the display size while flattening out everything else. Available in the standard array of iPod colors, it looks like a mini iPhone. Apple's reinstated widescreen video and built in a pedometer for fitness buffs, plus Bluetooth capability and better battery life.
The new iPod touch follows the same formula as the improvements made on its cellular counterpart: It's thinner, faster, lighter, and features a bigger display. Apple's also included a loop on the bottom that attaches to a wrist strap, and, for the first time ever, it's available in five different colors.
And what about those horrible earbuds that always fall out? Apple's heard your cries and updated them, too, which are now called Earpods and are available today. The new design is meant to direct sound directly into the ear — which is unheard of, for a headphone. Bad-um!

Photo: Via Business Wire