15 Intimate Photos That Capture The Beauty Of Birth

Doctors and nurses are moving frenetically around a woman’s midsection as someone in the room chants out, "Push 2, 3, 4, 5!" A nurse then turns and says, "Are you ready?"
For Cate DePrisco, this is the moment — a new little infant is about to arrive, and it will be, yet again, one of the most special moments in her life. She has one job left to do. She needs to post a picture on Instagram.
DePrisco is the Kansas City-based photographer who started InstaBirthStory, an Instagram account that showcases births in real time. She takes photos of mothers-to-be in the middle of making miracles and effectively live-blogs the experience for the world to see — with permission, of course. Every picture posted is breathtaking and special in its own right.
Photographing births has changed DePrisco's attitude toward her craft in the most inspiring and career-altering ways. We sat down with her to find out why she believes these stories belong on Instagram — and what she thinks we can all learn from seeing them firsthand.

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