This Is The Impact Body Shaming Has On Self-Esteem

Going to the gym can be extremely intimidating, especially if you aren’t feeling confident about your body. Known to her followers as the “Queen of Confidence,” host Serena Kerrigan uses her own journey to self love to help others claim their power in the series, Ask Serena.
In this episode, Serena connects with one of her Instagram followers, Rafilenny. Rafilenny reached out to Serena for help after internalizing the derogatory comments made by her close relatives about her body. As a result, this has negatively impacted her confidence about herself and her desire to stay active.
Having experienced this herself, Serena knows a thing or two about the pain that stems from comments about weight. Watch Serena take Rafilenny on a wild journey based on one simple rule: working out is not about looking good, it's about FEELING good.
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