Link Love: I Heart is Available, Bedazzeled, and Toby Keith The Clothier

i-heart-ronson-jc-penny.jpgJust in time for the global economic crisis I Heart Ronson by Charlotte Ronson is available at JC Penny. (Nitrolicious)
Throwing shoes is so the new hotness. (HuffPo)
Toby Keith is gonna put a boot up the ass of the fashion world with his new clothing line. (The Cut)
If you were a groundhog living in Punxsutawney, P.A., you'd probably run in fear of your own shadow too. (Carpathian Kitten Loss)
Rachel Ray will test the limits of Santos' credibility with a SXSW showcase. (MTV)
When Bedazzlers attack, bad things happen. (Lemondrop)

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