These Water Bottles Solve A Huge Problem

Photo: Courtesy of Hydaway.
While a lot of products come across our desks that we can only tilt our heads at and laugh about, this innovation is actually really useful. Hydaway is a collapsible water bottle that you can simply squish down and stick in your pocket after you finish drinking.

We try to bring our own eco-friendly water bottles with us whenever possible, but unfortunately we still end up buying our fair share of the disposable, plastic ones. Part of the problem is forgetfulness; the other part, admittedly, has to do with not wanting to lug around a big, reusable water bottle forever.
Thanks to a fully funded Kickstarter campaign that is now taking preorders, we’ll never be encumbered by a giant water bottle's weight — or tempted to buy a disposable one because it’s more convenient. Hydaway’s creator, Niki Singlaub, wanted a product that would truly kick up the convenience factor while he traveled as a freelance product developer.

His clever invention is already a hit. In only a month, he raised $263,086 on Kickstarter, which means he exceeded his original goal of $20,000 by 1315%. Individual Hydaway bottles cost $20 each, which may sound a little steep, but it's not if you’re regularly buying plastic bottles. And, the Earth will thank you. Now, you just have to remember to actually put the bottle in your purse before leaving the house. (Foodbeast)

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