This Pointless Beer Glass Is Actually Kind Of Awesome

"The Pitch Pile" is a regular R29 column in which we share some of the quirkier items that come across our desks.      
Photograph Courtesy of The Half Pint Glass.
I always have trouble finishing my pint of beer before it gets warm and gross. Inevitably, I end up wishing I had ordered a bottle instead, and having to endure annoying "chug it!" chants from my quick-drinking crew. But, thanks to The Half Pint Glass, literally half a glass that looks like a whole, I won’t have that problem anymore.

The glass looks as if it’s been cut in half, right down the middle, and was manufactured with the sole purpose of freaking out your friends. Seriously, it really has no practical use. Although, you could always give it away as a gift so someone else who might want to trickily suggest they're drinking a full glass o' brew when they aren't. While the concept is pretty ridiculous, there’s still something weirdly appealing about the glass. And, who knows, maybe it’ll spark a new 10-ounce brew trend? 

The Half Pint Glass
retails for $12.99.

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