Morning Java: Cigarettes in Boutiques, VeraMeat, and Dude Looks Like a Lady

amlinks_1215aRemember when dudes in rogue, eyeshadow, and lipstick got all the ladies buzzing? The '80s seem so far away. (Huffington Post)
On that note, The Cut offers tips on how to wear black lipstick without looking like a vampire. Now if we could get some advice on how to wear blue lipstick without looking like a zombie… (The Cut)
Ten tips from Catherine Malandrino. (Elle)
Get to know the adorable Vera Balyura, designer of adorable jewelry line VeraMeat. (Style List)
Australian fashion retailers are selling cigarettes alongside clothes. Throw in some Diet Pepsi and No-Doz, and it's one-stop shopping. (The Australian)
We'll believe that Kanye West is going to be a fashion intern when we see him toting bags full of samples around London. (Mirror UK)
Jewel heists—so hot right now. (NYTimes)

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