Doggie Bag: Sprouse Everywhere, Naughty Nads, and Michelle to the Rescue?

pmlinks_0108Okay, it's official—there's absolutely nowhere you can hide from the Stephen Sprouse renaissance. (Racked)
Can Michelle Obama save America's fashion industry? Well, whoever does it, it ain't gonna be Superman. (The Cut)
New York Look goes the way of all flesh. (Fashionista)
Ray Ban broadcasts a commercial featuring a cow giving birth to a man, which is somehow supposed to sell products in some wonderful, mysterious way. (Set Your Style)
"With Nad's Naughty Bikini Design Kit… you can wax your pubic hair into a variety of dramatic shapes so your vagina can speak for itself." Really, there's nothing else to say. (The Frisky)
Thanks to the closing of 11 Macy's locations, Missbehave has declared January 8, 2009 "The Day The Department Store Died". (Missbehave)
Isabella Blow's former roommate rocks paper outerwear. We would expect nothing less. (The Cut)
Sophia Coppola's Miss Dior commercial is a delightful petit four. (Thread Trend)

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