Morning Java: Sophia's Commercial Debut, Buy a Model, and Michelle's Bling

links_dior_cherie_111108Did you see the Sophia Coppola Miss Dior Cherie commercial during Gossip Girl or were you watching Monday Night Football? Yeah, thought so. (Fashionologie)
Since snow does not fall there during the holidays, Australians must use another natural resource. (Slam X Hype)
Models for sale. This is nowhere near as gross as you might think. (The Cut)
Meet the maker of some very dumb clothing. Again, not what you think. (SF Indie Fashion)
Just so you know that pricey baubles aren't merely a GOP thing, Mrs. Obama's victory rally earrings cost more than $10,000. (Luxist)
Ordering a pizza has never been so enlightening (Coolhunting)

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