How To Weave A Floral Garland Perfect For Summer Weddings, And More

Wearing flowers in your hair looks cheesy 90% of the time, but for those rare occasions where looking like a flower child is appropriate, you're not going to make any old daisy chain. At the Kanon Organic Vodka Swedish Midsummer's party on Friday, attendees—including Binki Shapiro, Leigh Lezark, and more—created gorgeous floral headdresses to celebrate the Summer Solstice with the help of NYC florist, Ovando. These look super-romantic and whimsical for a summer wedding, garden party, or beachside fête, and look just as great as decor when air-dried. Check out the step-by-step instructions below!
Binki Shapiro, image by Jeremy Liebman.

To make a circular wreath, you'll need:
—18 gauge floral wire
—Floral tape
—Floral wire
—Pale green silk ribbon
—Italian ruscus
—1/3-bunch white wax flowers
—1/3-bunch pink wax flowers

1. Measure your floral wire to fit the crown of your head (roughly 23 to 25 inches). Allow roughly one extra inch at both ends of the ring.
2. Wrap both ends inward to create a small loop. Use floral tape to adhere loops. Use a very small strip of light-green silk ribbon to adhere the two loops together in order to form the rounded base of
your wreath.
3. Hand-wrap floral tape onto the stem of each of your flowers (wax flowers and stems of Italian ruscus).
4. Use floral tape to adhere flowers to the wire base. The spacing of your flowers may vary, depending on whether you want a plush garden look or a minimalist design.

To make a headband, you'll need:
—1/4-bunch each white & pink wax flowers
—Italian ruscus
—Floral tape
—Pale-green silk ribbon
—A headband

1. Tightly wind your pale-green silk ribbon around headband mold. No traces of the mold should be left visible.
2. Weave the Italian ruscus around your headband, end-to-end. Use a small cut of floral wire to fasten the greenery.
3. Clean your flowers and gentle hand-wrap stems with green floral tape.
4. Use floral tape to adhere flowers to the headband. Floral accents will be positioned on top left of the headband.

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